Foodie Friday – Bar Tulia

Tulia expanded! If you are asking, what is Tulia? Then, we really need to back up….

Tulia Osteria is an Italian restaurant located on Fifth Avenue South in Downtown Naples. It opened a few years ago and has quickly become a culinary favorite among locals and visitors alike. You will note, their restaurant resembles an Italian farmhouse with a warm and cozy feel preparing you for the rustic comfort food that is to be enjoyed. With the success of the restaurant, they expanded this year to acquire space next door and create Bar Tulia.

Bar Tulia is the first professed Italian “gastropub” in Southwest Florida. Recently we stopped by to experience their Happy Hour Menu and I have to say, the one item we ordered as we had a progressive dinner that evening along Fifth Avenue, was my favorite “bite” of the night. I am probably going to butcher the appropriate description of the item. We enjoyed a piece of Italian bread toasted in the wood fire oven topped with Fava beans, asparagus, burrata cheese, and prosciutto. It was the most mouth-watering, generously sized, antipasto dish that I have had since leaving Italy two months ago. The drink selection was served by experienced Bar staff, the service was quality, and I am already planning a return trip to try more of the menu.

Special note for the late crowd enthusiasts: they stay open beyond midnight! If you have had a long day and want to enjoy some late night Italian rustic cuisine in a hip venue, this is one must stop to add to your list. Prego!

Bar Tulia