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Global Market

More than just another pretty town along the Gulf, Naples, FL finds itself to be one of the leading International markets for real estate as Florida as a whole is #1 in the US for foreign investors. Don’t ask us though, just walk down Fifth Avenue and listen to the multiple languages spoken for yourself. So why are our friends from the Americas and beyond flocking to Southwest Florida? Real Estate has long been one of the best ways to invest and hedge against inflation while seeking appreciation in well acquired property. Naples allows you to do that when coupled with expert advice from a professional Realtor who knows the market and the hyper local communities to speak to where the best opportunities may exist for each unique Buyer, Lifestyle, and Investment Objective.

Naples is a leading-edge indicator market. Typically, what happens in Naples is a precursor to what will happen in the nation, but on a much smaller and briefer basis.  Many are surprised to hear this, but often realize this in watching the economic cycles over time. This is even more evident in the predominantly cash market we find here insulating us from many of the typical economic cycles felt in other parts of the nation.

Other surprising facts about Naples that our International Buyers appreciate:

  • the average age of our population is 45. Shockingly, the reputation of being Heaven’s waiting room needs to move over as we are encouraging younger families and skilled labor to the Gulf coast.
  • We are known for being a healthy and happy community due to our commitment to a Blue Zone Initiative from the local Naples Community Hospital, but also our dedication to absorb our daily Vitamin D levels the healthy way, by being active, usually outdoors enjoying the 264 days of Sunshine, which is 16% more than average.

The Naples Luxury Team is a well-traveled team having journeyed to more than 20 different countries and territories expanding our diverse knowledge of cultures and languages from our personal experiences. We bring that application to working with foreign Buyers and Sellers to better assist them with understanding the nuance of a turnkey condo from a bundled golf community. It can be much like an underground roundabout with no clear way out without the right team with global connections and local expertise to guide you every step of the way. True story… underground roundabouts can be extremely intimidating and tough to navigate as I think back to a trip over a decade ago to Paris somewhere underneath the beautiful city.

Don’t take our word for it! Schedule your next overseas travel to Naples and reach out to us in advance to facilitate the experience should you be looking for just the right US real estate investment opportunities.



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