Blue Zones Lifestyle

Blue Zones Lifestyle

Blue Zones Lifestyle

According to Galleup-Sharecare survey of well-being, Naples has a reputation for being one of the Nation’s happiest places to live. This accolade is based primarily on overall emotional and mental well-being, lifestyle and health. With blue skies, palm trees and stunning Gulf-side views, it is not hard to understand why Naples ranks well among the happiest and healthiest communities – and it’s partly because of its effort to embrace the Blue Zones Project.

The Blue Zones initiative encourages communities to make small changes to support an overall healthier lifestyle, such as getting more active, enjoying a glass of a wine and spending time with family and friends. By implementing nine simple rules a community can increase longevity and quality of life for its residents.

National Geographic explorer Dan Buettner founded the idea of Blue Zone communities after eight years of examining communities around the globe. He focused on communities where people seemed happiest and lived longest. In collaboration with a team built of medical researchers, anthropologists and epidemiologists, they identified nine factors that influenced the length of life regardless that had no basis on geographical location.

There are nine factors the team identified as playing a large role in health and happiness were:

  1. Activity
  2. Eating Wisely with More Fruits and Veggies
  3. Mindfully Eating Only until 80% Full
  4. Connection with Community Groups
  5. Identifying and Embracing Purposeful Living
  6. Enjoying Wine at 5 with Friends
  7. Investing in Family Time
  8. De-Stress
  9. Establish a Supportive Tribe

As part of the Southwest Florida Blue Zones Project, our community works to implement these nine factors in our organizations, workplaces, hospitals and schools to encourage longevity and well-being regardless of age or stage in life.

The Southwest Florida lifestyle provides the opportunity to take advantage of year-round great weather perfect for boating, beach combing, tennis of golf. Pair these activities with a glass of wine with friends or an evening at one of the area’s philanthropic galas and you’ll see why it’s easy to live happy and healthy in Naples.

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